Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Book Club Questions for Divided Moon

I am in several book clubs, and love it when I can find a suggested list of discussion questions about a title. As a service to my readers, I have compiled a such a list for Divided Moon. 


Divided Moon – Book Club Questions

1. Moon faces an arranged marriage in Divided Moon. What are your thoughts on arranged marriage? Do you see any benefits to arranged marriage? What do you see as the problems? Where do you think arranged marriage most often takes place, and why?

2. A Hmong saying is “to be with a family is to be happy. To be without a family is to be lost.” Moon fears losing her family if she refuses to marry. Do you think this adage is true? How do you think American culture values family?

3. Moon’s parents want to keep their cultural and family traditions. Why do you think this is important to them? Does your family or cultural heritage have any traditions you would like to see continue from generation to generation? Are there traditions that have been lost that you wish to see again? Are there traditions that stopped that you are glad to see go?

4. Jen wishes her parents would treat her more like an adult. Why do you think she feels this way? Do you think other teenagers feel this way? How is this different than Moon’s problem?

5. Adolescence is the transitional period between puberty and adulthood. What do you think is important about adolescence? Do you think this is an unnecessary step? What do people learn during adolescence that helps them in their adult lives?

6. Moon’s parents arrange her marriage to secure her future. What are some other ways parents can help their child enter adulthood?

7. What do you think will happen with Mai?  Do you think she will be happy about this?

8. In both Hmong households, Moon encounters roles associated with female and male family members. Are chores assigned according to gender in your family? Do you think males and females are treated the same or differently in American culture?

9. Moon says she and Ze are on the same side. What did she mean by that? Was she right?

10. Can you imagine another way this story could have gone?

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  1. What a great idea and a great service to your readers! These will really help a reader go deeper into your story. Nice!