Friday, June 14, 2013

Meeting Superman

On a recent roadtrip, we passed by the city of Metropolis, Illinois. This ubiquitous town in southern Illinois advertised itself as the home of Superman.

Road signs directed passing travelers to the giant Superman statue. It was three miles off the interstate, which is a commitment for a family of five driving 1,500 miles in three days. But, we are suckers for roadside attractions, and have experience seeing giant statues.

So we drove into Metropolis, looking to the sky for signs of Superman. We spot a poser. At first, Elliott thought this was Superman carrying groceries out to people's cars. It turned out to be Big John, just another giant statue in Metropolis.

Finally, we drive into a small square with the giant Superman statue, which was ultimately disappointing. To us, anyways. Other people were very excited about it, they even dressed up for pictures with this pseudo giant.
To quote Carter, "If you are going to advertise a giant statue, you should at least make sure it is the biggest statue in town." In side by side comparisons, Big John beats Superman by a head.

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