Monday, August 26, 2013

Space Issues

Moving should be added to the list for torturers. They should force their victims to pack up all of their belongings, while keeping their space showroom clean. The victims then pack the items into the limited space of the vehicles available and transport them to another place, with animals and children in the car. Add a second story apartment and the hottest day of the year for extra discomfort. Thankfully, I married someone who has a lot of brothers who don’t complain much to help.

But, now there is this.

I moved from a 2,200 square foot house into a 700 square foot apartment. The bags on the floor contain what was in my pantry. The one I complained about constantly because it was too small. See those three shelves on the left side of the picture? All that stuff has to go there.

The other side of that sliding door is the hall closet. That is a battle for another day.  

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