Monday, June 8, 2015

Don't Forget the Fun

It seems the last couple years I have had my eyes on the screen and fingers moving on the keyboard. I have written, revised, rewritten, studied craft, studied the industry. I've gone to conferences, written pitches, synopses, queries and done all the things we writers are supposed to do.

I forgot to have fun. OK, there was a little bit of fun. When you make up imaginary worlds on a regular basis and move made up people through them, it is a lot like playing with Strawberry Shortcake dolls, except this is serious work with character development and a plot that makes sense and moves at a good pace and don't forget to have tension on every page.

Yeah, I forgot the fun. It is the reason writers get into this business. It certainly isn't for the money. I was reminded of this by the main character in the brand new novel I am writing. She has a huge obstacles to overcome, and sees the sad underside of life, but has the cheeriest, most optimistic outlook I have ever met. She wants me to play, and so I must.

Perfect timing for her to come along as we start summer 2015. Get out and play! This is supposed to be FUN!

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