Thursday, January 19, 2017

Book Review: When the Sea Turned to Silver

"When the Sea Turned to Silver" by Grace Lin is a magical read of a journey that begins when soldiers invade and kidnap Pinmei's grandmother (Amah) and burn down her home. Pinmei and Yishan go out to rescue Amah, using a variety of magical tools and making friends along their way.

What I like about this story is that it is about the value of storytelling. Amah is kidnapped because she is a storyteller, and her granddaughter, Pinmei, is called upon to tell the stories she knows by heart. Through the stories, they discover clues to finding their beloved Amah and learn to trust each other.

Author Grace Lin is an award winning and best selling author of several books, including the 2010 Newbery Honor winner, "Where The Mountain Meets the Moon."

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